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This form will initiate our potential collaboration together as an on-going client!

This will help me know more about you & your business and give me more details on what you're after. Once you have submitted this form you will hear from me within the next 1-2 days where you will either be added to the waitlist or potentially begin the process of working with HNDY Socials!

A little bit about an on-going package:

All on-going packages start with a 1 month trial, which will help us get a feel for working together and test out what does and doesn't work for us. It's possible that the 1 month trial can slightly improve your socials but it is solely there to help us get our grove working together. It's highly encouraged that once the 1 month trial is completed and you are happy to continue that you sign up for a 3 month package. Progress takes time and a 3 month package is where most clients really start to see some great results!



  • I am only doing social media management for local Gippsland business not individual content creators.

  • It's really important that our business values & ethos align as I will be representing you & your business, so if I notice any harmful content on your social platforms I will unfortunately have to refuse your application.


This form is for serious applications only - If you have any inquiries regarding my services feel free to email

DO YOU HAVE THE BUDGET FOR MY SERVICES? *My packages starting at $250 a week

Thanks for submitting!

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